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US > New York > Dutchess (County) > Dutchess County Airport (KPOU)

Dutchess County Airport (KPOU) - Downloads and Reports

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Pre-Defined Downloads

Download CSV File of All Identified Frequencies for Agency: Dutchess County Airport (KPOU)
Download Printable PDF File of All Identified Frequencies in Agency: Dutchess County Airport (KPOU)

Online Reports

Subcategory Location Data Report

Change History

Changed Admin Date Changed
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 4, Deleted 0) for Dutchess County Airport (KPOU)Chauffeur62012-04-20 05:20:42
Sort order changed to from 3 for subcat: Air Traffic ControlChauffeur62012-04-20 05:20:42
Subcategory: (Other Dutchess County Airports) migrated to Category (Sky Acres Airport (44N)) in Agency: (Sky Acres Airport (44N)Chauffeur62011-12-12 04:32:47
Agency: Dutchess County Airport (KPOU) changed from Airports (Aircraft / Airport) to Dutchess County Airport (KPOU) (Aircraft / Chauffeur62011-12-12 04:30:06
Changed Subcategory Details For: Air Traffic ControlChauffeur62011-12-12 04:28:31
Changed Subcategory Details For: Ground OperationsChauffeur62011-12-12 04:28:19
Changed category from (Dutchess County Airports 99) to (Dutchess County Airport (KPOU) 99)Chauffeur62011-12-12 04:27:44
Agency: Airports changed from Dutchess County Airport (POU) (Aircraft / Airport) to Airports (Aircraft / Airport)Chauffeur62011-12-08 02:28:01
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 1, Deleted 0) for Dutchess County Airport (POU) Operationsericcarlson2008-05-24 19:11:30
Tagged 3 Frequencies with (Aircraft)KD4YGG2008-05-23 11:20:26
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 0, Deleted 0) for Other Dutchess County AirportsKD4YGG2008-05-23 11:20:26
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 3, Deleted 0) for Other Dutchess County AirportsKD4YGG2008-05-23 11:20:22
Frequencies importedKD4YGG2008-05-23 11:20:13
Subcategory (Other Dutchess County Airports) added to (Dutchess County Airports) CategoryKD4YGG2008-05-23 11:19:29
Category (Dutchess County Airport (POU) Sort: 99) changed to (Dutchess County Airports Sort: 99)KD4YGG2008-05-23 11:19:11
Sub-category (Air Traffic Control Sort 20) changed to (Dutchess County Airport (POU) Air Traffic Control Sort: 20)KD4YGG2008-05-23 11:18:46
Sub-category (Airport Operations Sort 10) changed to (Dutchess County Airport (POU) Operations Sort: 10)KD4YGG2008-05-23 11:18:35
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 1, Deleted 0) for Airport Operationsericcarlson2008-02-16 17:58:04
Tagged 1 Frequencies with (Fire Dispatch)ericcarlson2008-02-16 17:57:41
Tagged 2 Frequencies with (Aircraft)ericcarlson2008-02-16 17:57:28
Added Frequency 126.75 (Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS))ericcarlson2008-02-16 17:57:14
Added Frequency 122.95 (Unicom)ericcarlson2008-02-16 17:57:00
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 1, Deleted 0) for Air Traffic Controlericcarlson2008-02-16 17:56:37
Frequencies Updated (Updated: 2, Deleted 0) for Air Traffic Controlericcarlson2008-02-16 17:56:27
Added Frequency 121.8ericcarlson2005-12-05 15:49:48
Added Frequency 124ericcarlson2005-12-05 15:49:33
Sub-category Air Traffic Control addedericcarlson2005-12-05 15:49:22
Sub-category Airport Operations changedericcarlson2004-10-16 19:25:44
Category deletedericcarlson2004-10-16 19:25:40
Migrated sub-categoriesericcarlson2004-10-16 19:25:37
Sub-category Airport Operations changedericcarlson2004-10-16 19:25:10
Category Dutchess County Airport (POU) addedericcarlson2004-10-16 19:25:04

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