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Last Updated: May 15, 2014, 7:20 pm
US > Illinois > Coles (County) [Central Illinois] > Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation

Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation

For other businesses frequencies not listed on this page, see FCC Licences

It has been reported that on 460.85, units have heard talking to each other on D155 and D031 (Community Repeater)

*152.2700 - 127.3 PL - Repeater heard in Tuscola-Douglas (possibly WNAN854 (Koester, Douglas K) ?) (5/13)

Input Frequencies:
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Communication Companies / GMRS

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.67500  GMRS20  RM 71.9 PL GMRS20 71.9 GMRS Repeater (@ Mattoon)  FM  Business 
463.67500  WPWA496  RM 127.3 PL CCAR Transit Coles Co Assn for the Retarded: Transit {Larry Craig} (Mattoon)  FM  Transportation 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
460.70000  WPLH704  RM 100.0 PL BoroughsFarm Boroughs Farms: Ops/Snow Plowing (Hutton)  FM  Business 
462.01250  WQMJ544  RM 1 CC CM ElecCoopA Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative   DMR  Utilities 
152.27000  WNAN854  B 127.3 PL ChkrTpTaxi-B Checker Top Taxi - Base (Koester, Douglas K)  FM  Transportation 
157.53000  WNAN854  M 127.3 PL ChkrTpTaxi-M Checker Top Taxi - Mobiles ?  FM  Transportation 
452.67500  WQQK368  BM 754 DPL CoMatCrp RF County Materials Corporation: Carrier (Champaign/Charleston)  FMN  Business 
157.68000  WNNG959  BM 100.0 PL FarmersGrain Farmers Grain Company of Dorans  FMN  Business 
464.55000    M Hotel 46455 unid Hotel (I-57 Charelston)  FM  Business 
153.23000  WNVV559  RM 151.4 PL HowrdsTrash1 Howards Trash (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
159.60000  WNVV559  BM HowrdsTrash2 Howards Trash (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
464.55000    M JJ Collins 1 JJ Collins Printers: Ops (Charleston) (also 464.5)  FM  Business 
152.93000  WPMS656  BM 173.8 PL Jones RdCnst Jones, William: Road Construction (Mattoon)  FMN  Business 
159.52500  KUL934  BM 141.3 PL Jones Trckng Jones Trucking (Stewardson)  FM  Business 
463.67500    RM 167.9 PL LarryCraig 1 Larry Craig: Operations (Airport) (*Medicom Dispatch)  FM  Business 
464.72500  WPPA492  RM LarryCraig 2 Larry Craig: Operations (Airport) (formerly open/voice inversion)  FM  Business 
462.35000  WPTW859  RM 203.5 PL Mid IL Concr Mid Illinois Concrete  FM  Business 
151.68500  KLF223  BM 114.8 PL SteffensHVAC Steffens HVAC (Mattoon)  FM  Business 

RR Donnelley and Sons (Mattoon)

*See the wiki for additional information

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.22500  WPAC786  M 031 DPL RRD Forks Forks  FM  Business 
469.22500  WPAC786  M 031 DPL RRD Shipping Shipping/Loading Dock  FM  Business 
464.52500  WPDJ878  BM RRD ForkTrkr Regular Fork Truckers (on the floor) [EXPIRED]  FM  Business 
467.27500    M RRD MnTrckrs Main Truckers - Manufacturing Floor  FM  Business 
451.50000  WQHV931  BM RRD Ops 1 Shipping Depot Operations  FM  Business 
464.06250  WPAA478  RM RRD Ops 2 Operations (may not currently be in use 1/09)  FM  Business 
467.76250  WQHV931  M RRD Ops 3 Fire Brigade (not normally in use)  FM  Business 
451.40000  WPTS396  RM 167.9 PL RRD RollStTr Roll Storage Truckers {American Pad & Paper}  FM  Business 
451.32500  WPTS396  M RRF AP&P 2 Operations {AP&P}  FM  Business 
451.90000  WPTS396  M RRF AP&P 3 Operations {AP&P}  FM  Business 
451.95000  WPTS396  M RRF AP&P 4 Operations {AP&P}  FM  Business 
452.02500  WPTS396  M RRF AP&P5 Operations {AP&P}  FM  Business 
464.22500  WPAC786  RM RRD DockTrkr Shipping Dock Truckers (Loading Semis) (former use)  FM  Deprecated 

Retail / Restaurants
Hotels / Motels


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.76250  WQHD876  M 065 DPL Home Depot Home Depot (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
464.55000    M 156.7 PL RurKngChaUHF Rural King Charleston  FM  Business 
154.08500    M 503 DPL RurKngChaVHF Rural King (Charleston)  FM  Business 
467.92500    M CSQ Sears LP Mat Sears Loss Prevention (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
467.56250    M CSQ Sears MgtMat Sears Management (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
154.57000  MURS  M CSQ Wmrt Char 1 Walmart: Managers (Charleston)  FM  Business 
462.56250  FRS  M CSQ Wmrt Char 2 Walmart: Employees (Charleston)  FM  Business 
151.95500    M CSQ Wmrt Mat 1 Walmart (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
151.95500  MURS  M CSQ Wmrt Mat 2 Walmart (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
154.57000  MURS  M CSQ Wmrt Mat 3 Walmart (Mattoon)  FM  Business 
154.60000  MURS  M CSQ Wmrt Mat 4 Walmart (Mattoon)  FM  Business 

Attractions and Recreation
Charleston Speedway

Ashmore Fire has brush truck on scene for crashes, etc.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.75000    M CSQ CharSpdwy 1 Track Officials  FM  Business 
467.41250    M CharSpdwy 2 Race Track Crews   FM  Business 

Coles County Dragway

Coles County Modified Midget Racing Association (Mattoon)
*WQRL396 - 100-4wt portables - 456.1875, 456.4325, 456.5125, 456.7375 (NFM Mattoon); 464.5, 464.55, 469.4, 469.55 (Nationwide)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
158.40000    M ColesDragway Operations/"Safety" [No License, Itinerant]  FM  Business 

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