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Input Frequencies:
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Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
451.37500  WPRW998  RM 226 DPL HyattAirport Hyatt Regency Houston Airport - Shuttle  FM  Business 
452.87500  KB90484  RM 244 DPL A/PMrrtt Evt Houston Airport Marriott - Event Services  FM  Business 
461.01250  KB90484  RM 203.5 PL A/PMrrtt Ops Houston Airport Marriott - Operations/Maintenance  FM  Business 
464.70000    RM 136.5 PL Dbltree IAH Doubletree Houston Intercontinental Airport - Shuttle  FMN  Business 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.03750    M 031 DPL ClubQuarters Club Quarters  FM  Business 
464.32500    M 127.3 PL Crtyd/RI Mnt Courtyard Houston Downtown/Residence Inn Houston Downtown - Maintenance  FMN  Business 
467.87500    BM 146.2 PL Crtyd/RIShtl Courtyard Houston Downtown/Residence Inn Houston Downtown - Shuttle  FMN  Business 
464.73750    M 151.4 PL Crowne Plaza Crowne Plaza Hotel - Management/Engineering/Housekeeping  FM  Business 
461.77500  WQCQ927  BM 67.0 PL DoubleTreeDT DoubleTree Hotel Houston-Downtown  FM  Business 
464.87500    M 503 DPL 4SeasnBellmn Four Seasons Hotel (including Four Seasons Place apartments) - Bellman  FM  Business 
463.87500    RM 141.3 PL 4SeasnSec/Op Four Seasons Hotel (including Four Seasons Place apartments) - Security/Operations  FM  Security 
468.21250    M 100.0 PL 4SeasnEvents Four Seasons Hotel - Banquets/Event Services  FM  Business 
461.70000  KB78047  RM 192.8 PL 4SeasonHskpg Four Seasons Hotel - Housekeeping  FM  Business 
461.46250  KD29926  RM 465 DPL 4Seasn Maint Four Seasons Hotel - Maintenance  FM  Business 
451.33750  WPZT353  RM 103.5 PL HiltonAm Eng Hilton Americas - Engineering  FMN  Business 
455.50000    M 67.0 PL HiltonAm Evt Hilton Americas - Event Services  FM  Business 
453.21250    RM 192.8 PL HiltonAmSecN Hilton Americas - Security (new)  FMN  Security 
451.98750  WQUF851  RM 67.0 PL HiltonAmSecO Hilton Americas - Security (old)  FMN  Deprecated 
462.45000  WQVD620  RM 167.9 PL HiltonAmShtl Hilton Americas - Shuttle  FMN  Business 
463.21250  WNSJ725  M 047 DPL Hyatt Cater Hyatt Regency Houston - Catering  FMN  Business 
463.21250  WNSJ725  RM 023 DPL Hyatt Enginr Hyatt Regency Houston - Engineering  FM  Business 
463.70000  WNSJ725  RM 243 DPL Hyatt EvtSvc Hyatt Regency Houston - Event Services  FM  Business 
463.51250    RM 146.2 PL Hyatt Hskpng Hyatt Regency Houston - Housekeeping  FMN  Business 
464.56250    RM 131.8 PL Inn Ballpark Inn at the Ballpark  FM  Business 
469.61250    M 146.2 PL Magnolia Magnolia Hotel - Maintenance  FM  Business 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.53750    RM 026 DPL HiltonHN Evt Hilton Houston North - Event Services  FMN  Business 
451.68750  WPPV428  RM CC 14
TG 1
SL 1
HiltonHN Sec Hilton Houston North - Security  DMR  Security 
462.10000  WPPV428  RM 254.1 PL HiltonHNShtl Hilton Houston North - Shuttle (includes Marriott North at Greenspoint)  FMN  Business 
452.40000  WPWB409  RM 432 DPL MrrttNorthGr Marriott North at Greenspoint  FM  Business 
467.87500  WPYU774  M 196.6 PL SofitelHotel Sofitel Hotel (Beltway 8 and Imperial Valley)  FMN  Business 

Museum District/Texas Medical Center/NRG Park

FleetTalk (Downtown Houston #1)    
LTR Standard    
Residence Inn Medical Center shuttle operates on this system.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.81250    RM 151.4 PL CrownePlzNRG Crowne Plaza NRG Park  FM  Business 
464.92500    RM 243 DPL HiltonMedCtr Hilton Houston Plaza/Medical Center  FM  Business 
451.32500  WPZA580  RM 179.9 PL HolidayInnMC Holiday Inn Medical Center  FM  Business 
463.53750    RM 173.8 PL ZaZa Events Hotel ZaZa Houston - Event Services  FMN  Business 
464.76250    RM 331 DPL ZaZa Hskpng Hotel ZaZa Houston - Housekeeping  FMN  Business 
464.03750  WPST272  RM 165 DPL ZaZa Ops/Sec Hotel ZaZa Houston - Operations/Maintenance/Security  FMN  Security 
461.95000  KNIQ866  BM 723 DPL MrrtMedCtrOp Marriott Medical Center - Operations  FM  Business 
461.75000  KNIQ866  B 723 DPL MrrtMedCtrPa Marriott Medical Center - Voice Paging  FM  Business 
464.88750    RM 151.4 PL ParkPlzRC HK Park Plaza Hotel Reliant Center - Housekeeping/Banquets  FM  Business 
464.91250    RM 151.4 PL ParkPlzRCMnt Park Plaza Hotel Reliant Center - Maintenance/Security  FM  Security 


Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.87500    RM 118.8 PL DbltrGS Sec DoubleTree Guest Suites - Security/Operations/Engineering  FM  Security 
464.32500  WNMF790  RM 77.0 PL DbltreeH Sec DoubleTree Hotel - Security/Operations/Engineering  FM  Security 
462.57500    BM 103.5 PL DbltreeHVale DoubleTree Hotel - Valet  FM  Business 
461.55000  WNMK372  BM 072 DPL Hotel Derek Hotel Derek  FM  Business 
451.85000  WPWD362  RM 703 DPL ICHotel1Cate Inter-Continental Hotel - Ch. 1 Catering  FM  Business 
461.20000  WPWD362  RM 712 DPL ICHotel2 IT Inter-Continental Hotel - Ch. 2 Information Technology  FM  Business 
461.80000  WPWD362  RM 723 DPL ICHotel3 HK Inter-Continental Hotel - Ch. 3 Housekeeping  FM  Business 
462.35000  WPWD362  RM 731 DPL ICHotel4 Evt Inter-Continental Hotel - Ch. 4 Special Events  FM  Business 
463.35000  WPWD362  RM 732 DPL ICHotel5 Sec Inter-Continental Hotel - Ch. 5 Security/Engineering/Operations  FM  Security 
463.90000  WPWD362  RM 734 DPL ICHotel6 Evt Inter-Continental Hotel - Ch. 6 Special Events  FM  Business 
462.57500    M 156.7 PL ICHotelValet Inter-Continental Hotel - Valet (Towne Park Valet)  FM  Business 
461.28750  WPIA701  RM 423 DPL JWMrrtt 2875 JW Marriott  FM  Business 
464.83750    RM 432 DPL JWMrrttCater JW Marriott - Catering (has phone patch)  FM  Business 
463.37500  WPIA701  RM 423 DPL JWMrrtt Eng JW Marriott - Engineering  FM  Business 
464.77500  WPIA701  BM 423 DPL JWMrrtt HK JW Marriott - Housekeeping  FM  Business 
461.47500  WPIA701  RM 423 DPL JWMrrtt Sec JW Marriott - Security/Operations  FM  Security 
469.77500  WPIA701  B 67.0 PL JWMrrttPager JW Marriott - Voice Pager  FM  Business 
464.57500    BM 506 DPL MrrttWLCater Marriott West Loop - Catering  FM  Business 
462.02500  KLT557  BM 411 DPL MrrttWL Ops Marriott West Loop - Operations  FM  Business 
452.32500  WPMT758  RM 411 DPL Omni Hotel Omni Hotel  FM  Business 
463.40000  KNDF732  BM 146.2 PL Saint Regis Saint Regis Hotel  FM  Business 
452.40000  WPQE363  RM 203.5 PL SherSui452.4 Sheraton Suites  FM  Business 
467.80000    BM SherSui467.8 Sheraton Suites  FM  Business 
462.67500    M CSQ HoustonianEv The Houstonian - Event Services  FMN  Business 
462.55000    RM 146.2 PL HoustonianOp The Houstonian - Security/Maintenance/Operations  FM  Security 
467.87500    M 110.9 PL HoustonianVa The Houstonian - Valet  FMN  Business 
490.36250    RM 179.9 PL WestinGCater Westin Galleria Hotel - Catering/Maintenance  FM  Business 
464.80000  WNFY859  RM 156 DPL WestinG Sec Westin Galleria Hotel - Security/Operations  FM  Security 
461.97500  WNFY859  RM 731 DPL Westin Oaks Westin Oaks Hotel - Operations  FM  Business 


Westin Memorial City    
DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Single Site (TRBO)    
Hotel operations.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.43750    BM 172 DPL Hilton Hobby Hilton Houston Hobby Airport  FM  Business 
464.58750  WQLV340  RM 754 DPL Hilton UH Hilton University of Houston  FMN  Business 
461.37500    BM 67.0 PL HIEHS Silber Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites (Katy Freeway at Silber)  FMN  Business 
452.17500  WPRS658  RM 031 DPL MrrttWestchs Marriott Westchase  FM  Business 
467.80000    M 107.2 PL Renaiss467.8 Renaissance Houston Hotel (Greenway Plaza)  FM  Business 
461.02500  WQX493  RM 315 DPL RenaissHotel Renaissance Houston Hotel (Greenway Plaza) - Primary  FM  Business 

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