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US > Ohio > Cuyahoga (County) [Cleveland] > Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

Input Frequencies:
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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)
Aviation - Air Traffic Control

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
120.90000    BM CSQ CLE TWR 1 Tower (Runways 6L/24R, 10/28)  AM  Aircraft 
124.50000    BM CSQ CLE TWR 2 Tower (Runways 6R/24L)  AM  Aircraft 
257.80000    BM CSQ CLE TWR UHF Tower UHF (All Runways)  AM  Aircraft 
121.70000    BM CSQ CLE GRND 1 Ground (Runways 6R/24L, 10)  AM  Aircraft 
133.60000    BM CSQ CLE GRND 2 Ground (Runways 6L/24R, 28)  AM  Aircraft 
127.85000    BM CSQ CLE ATIS APP ATIS - Approach  AM  Aircraft 
132.37500    BM CSQ CLE ATIS DEP ATIS - Departure  AM  Aircraft 
125.05000    BM CSQ CLE CLRNCE Clearance Delivery  AM  Aircraft 
119.62500    BM CSQ CLE APP 1 Approach (Runways 6L/24R)  AM  Aircraft 
124.00000    BM CSQ CLE APP 2 Approach (6R/24L, 28)  AM  Aircraft 
126.55000    BM CSQ CLE APP 3 Approach (6L/24R, 10)  AM  Aircraft 
118.15000    BM CSQ CLE DEP 1 Departure (057-236 degrees)  AM  Aircraft 
125.85000    BM CSQ CLE DEP 2 Departure (237-056 degrees)  AM  Aircraft 
128.25000    BM CSQ CLE DEP 3 Departure (237-056 degrees)  AM  Aircraft 
125.35000    BM CSQ CLE BRAVO 1 Bravo (340-200 degrees)  AM  Aircraft 
126.35000    BM CSQ CLE BRAVO 2 Bravo (201-339 degrees)  AM  Aircraft 
129.17500  WOK6  BM CSQ CLE RAMP 1 Ramp Control (Concourse C and Gates D2-D14)  AM  Aircraft 
129.47500  KFM9  BM CSQ CLE RAMP 2 Ramp Control (Gates D17, D21, D25, D28)  AM  Aircraft 

Aviation - Airlines

Continental Airlines    
Motorola Type II Smartnet    
Continental Airlines hub operations.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
129.92500  KFM9  BM CSQ CLE AIR OPS Cleveland Air Operations  AM  Aircraft 
131.20000  WIX3  BM CSQ EXPRESSJET ExpressJet ("Jet Link") - Dispatch  AM  Aircraft 
460.65000  WQEX756  BM 151.4 PL AIR SVC INT Aircraft Service International Group (Aircraft Fueling)  FM  Business 
460.67500  KVE215  RM 107.2 PL USAIR OPS US Airways Inc  FM  Business 
460.72500  WQBE555  RM UNTD/IND OPS United / Independence Air Ops  FM  Business 
460.77500  KWW231  RM 114.8 PL AA OPS American Airlines  FM  Business 
460.82500  WNQC850  RM DELTA OPS Delta Airlines  FMN  Business 

Aviation - Fixed Base Operators

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
129.52500    BM CSQ AEROMAG 2000 Aeromag 2000 (De-icing)  AM  Aircraft 
130.97500    BM CSQ AEROMAG ICER Aeromag 2000 - Icemen to planes  AM  Aircraft 
131.42500  WKL9  BM CSQ AIR SERVICES Air Services of Cleveland  AM  Aircraft 
464.37500  WQFV956  RM 152 DPL AEROMAG OPS Aeromag 2000 - Icehouse operations repeater  FM  Business 
468.97500  WQFV956  M 734 DPL AEROMAG PLOW Aeromag 2000 - Plows  FM  Business 
463.28750  WQKW986  BM 261 DPL AEROMAG TAC1 Aeromag 2000 - TAC 1  FMN  Business 
461.98750  WQKW986  BM 612 DPL AEROMAG TAC2 Aeromag 2000 - TAC 2  FMN  Business 
461.37500    565 DPL ASIG EXP Asig Express  FM  Business 
462.20000    532 DPL ASIG JET Asig Jets  FM  Business 
461.50000    734 DPL SVCAIR LAB Service Air Co. water & labs  FM  Business 
464.40000    703 DPL SVCAIR RAMP Service Air Co. ramps  FM  Business 

Fire and Rescue Operations

Misc. Agencies

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.55000  WPDK785  RM 131.8 PL RENTBUS 1 Rental Car Shuttle Buses  FM  Business 
469.52500    BM 67.0 PL PARKPL 1 Park Place Parking  FM  Business 
464.52500    BM 67.0 PL PARKPL 2 Park Place Parking  FM  Business 
461.25000  WNJX596  RM 141.3 PL PARKBUS Parking Lot Shuttle Buses  FMN  Transportation 
469.30000    BM 073 DPL FASTPARK FastPark Parking  FM  Business 

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