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Icom IC-R100
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1 3586 Sat October 10, 2015
Asking Price Shipping Amount Condition
$300.00 $20.00 Excellent

"Time Capsule" (If you've read the ad you'll know why). Dropping the price $50.

This is an Icom IC-R100 preban ("full coverage") Communications Receiver. I don't know whether it should be called a dash (-3) or just preban. Whatever the case, it's a compact, multi-function receiver covering 100 kHz to 1856MHz. The owner's manual states the radio's coverage ranges from .1MHz to 1856MHz, however, it also adds the specifications are "guaranteed from .5 to 1800MHz."

Reception modes include AM, FM and FM-wide. I bought this radio around mid-1993, IIRC. I had to wait until I had a decent discone mounted before I felt I could bring myself to really enjoy it, at least for what I used to listen to. As the home had somewhat vaulted ceilings, I decided to mount the antenna above the doorway on the inside of my bedroom, where it would have been nearly as high as if mounted on the roof. This necessitated building and finishing an attractive wooden frame which had to be stained, sanded and varnished and carefully mounted, otherwise it would have looked like crap. By the time I had finished all of this work and was about to settle in with my new receiver, life changed and a divorce struck our family.

The radio was unplugged and put into the safe (and remained untouched for the next 22 years). The antenna also had to come down and I moved into an apartment (you know the kind; for "divorcees" who don't get the house & kids). I doubt I got three hours out of that radio. There is a joke in our family that my then wife, who had been on Jenny Craig, was skinny for 20 minutes before she became pregnant with my son, and I got to enjoy the radio "for 20 minutes" as well. The only time that I turned it on since was to take these very pictures to put it on the market.

So, for virtually all intents and purposes, the radio and its power supply are brand-new. There is zero evidence of use anywhere on anything, including the power supply. The back of the radio has a plastic film over the serial number and it still looks brand-new as well.

To quote from the usual experts (with appropriate edit(s) as this is a pre-ban model) "The R100 is easy to operate. You can use either the keypad or tuning control to access frequency and memory channels. Of the 121 total memory channels, 100 store operating frequencies, modes, RF attenuator and preamplifier settings. 20 scan edge memory channels are used for specifying ten pairs of frequency ranges required for programmed scan. Auto-memory write automatically memorizes received frequencies (channels 80 ~ 99). One channel is used for priority scan. The built-in 24 hour clock-timer has lithium battery backup. A 15 dB preamp operates in the 50 to 800 MHz range" [but all the way to 905MHz range in this pre-ban model]. For antennas, the unrestricted version (see my pic) has, from left to right, an N jack for 50MHz-905MHz, an SO239 jack for .5MHz-50MHz and a second N jack for 905MHz-1800MHz. (Just for the record, the (dash)-11 restricted version has, from left to right, an N jack for 50-800 MHz, an SO239 jack for 0.1-50 MHz , and another N jack for 905-1856MHz.)

(Naturally, email me for the full-res images.) A large, dimmable backlit LCD ensures readability, which is free of any trace of scratches or evidence of prior cleaning, as is everything else about the radio and power supply. Other supplied features include: mobile installation package still new in the box (brackets, bolts, nuts, washers and screws, OPC-131 DC power cable with fuses), speaker plug (AP-313).

The two items NOT included is a small telescopic antenna, like a car antenna (which plugs into the N jack for 50MHz-905MHz if you're so inclined, as opposed to a nice discone, for example), and the HF wire antenna, which was just a long wire which required the user to supply his/her own PL-259 connector to attach to the SO239 jack (the instructions tell you how to mate the long wire to a user-provided PL-259 connector). The instructions also describe mating your own Type-N connector to a cable, though as we know any antenna worth owning comes with one, as I am sure is the case for antennas which use PL-259 connectors). These two items - the telescopic car antenna with Type-N connector & the long wire - were long ago separated and where they are today I do not know. The discone is in deep storage, though, as fate would have it, my next wife threw out all but one of the lower aerials. I have no idea why other than she has some very major issues.

For home or desktop use the unit requires the optional "AD-15A/E/D/V Power Adapter" (13.8 VDC @1.1 Amp.). This unit IS included and is every bit as new as the radio itself.

One last detail which I feel is very important to mention. I am an honest person and I wouldn't appreciate this being omitted if I, as a buyer, didn't know better. The owner's manual states the radio uses two batteries for back-up of data and for the clock function. The latter is user replaceable (hurray!). It uses a lithium CR2032. The CPU back-up battery, according to Icom, is not a user-replaceable part. The radio will run just fine without it, however will not retain some memory items once shut off or perhaps unplugged (or both). Contacting Icom's service center will reveal they charge a minimum of $92.40 (I thought it was $98, but it's actually $92.40) for any service. Well, it is safe to assume they'll charge $92 plus the cost of the battery. The owner's manual states this battery (back in 1990-93) will last 5 years. Today, they probably last longer. It just seems reasonable to assume. When I turned on the radio after being dormant in the safe for at least 22 years, the last frequency I had it on displayed like it was yesterday, Tustin PD's old analogue freq., 460.325 (I inadvertantly turned the knob before taking pictures and it changed by 10kHz). The IC-R100-3 model is the same as the R100-11, but without the 800-900 MHz gap, restricted to "official parties, etc." I do not know if the pre-bans were even called (dash) -3s. As we know the non-restricted versions were for sale to everyone in the US for a brief time, which is when I bought mine. What I don't know is when they started calling the preban the -3 and the postbans -11. There is nothing in anything I have which says "-3.")

My IC-R100 Specifications are (from the owner's manual. Not from any website):

Serial No. 04301

Frequency Range ....... 0.1-1856MHz

Power ................. 13.8 VDC @1.1 Amp.

Antenna Impedance ..... 50 ohm unbalanced

Selectivity: FM - More than 15kHz (-6dB)

WFM - More than 180kHz (-3dB)

AM - More than 6kHz (-6dB)


Frequency - .5 ~ 1.6295MHz - AM 3.2µV

Frequency - 1.63 ~ 49.9995MHz - FM 0.56µV, AM 1.6µV Frequency - 50.0 ~ 904.9995MHz - FM 0.2µV, WFM 0.63µV, AM 0.56µV

Frequency - 905.0 ~ 1380.4875MHz - FM 0.32µV, WFM 0.79µV, AM 1.0µV

Frequency - 1380.5 ~ 1800MHz - FM 0.45µV, WFM 1.1µV, AM 1.4µV

Tuning Step increments........... 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12.5, 20, 25 kHz (the post-ban had a 15kHz step).

Current drain: Less than 1.1 A @ 13VDC Frequency Stability: /- 3.5ppm (at 1800MHz)

Audio Output Power......... "More than 2.5 Watts at 10% distortion with an 8 Ohm load."

Audio Output Impedance....... 4-8 Ohms

Dimensions ............ 5.9 x 2 x 7.1 inches (150x50x181mm) Weight ................ 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)

All of this and more can be looked up on Icom's PDF document for this radio as it was published in 1990 and would be current for the example here. As they don't have this PDF file at every Icom website feel free to ask and I will forward you a copy. I have the original paper version which of course will be shipped with the radio along with the NIB mounting equipment & AC Power Supply. I do NOT have the original box that I know of. If I did it'd be empty, very dusty and likely still in storage. There was no way of justifying putting it in the safe due to its size).

As I've seen these recently selling for $399 USED at the big resellers (which I am not) and because it probably will require a new CPU battery, I'll EAT the cost of the factory-installed battery and offer it at $300 plus $20 for shipping insured. As I say, it's just as good as new aside from the back-up battery issue, with fewer hours than most vegens use their George Foreman Grills.

Thanks for reading and please write if you have any questions. Lastly, I don't do PayPal as they are getting far too many bad raps these days. A personal check (which we'll have to wait to clear, about 3 business days), or money order (ship within 24 hrs or less.) will work fine.

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Registered: June 2011
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Comment Date: Sat October 10, 2015


Is the radio still for sale?

if so , where are you located?




Registered: September 2015
Location: Tustin, CA
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Comment Date: Fri October 30, 2015

Yes it is, and I just lowered the price 50 bucks. I'm in Southern California, just south of LA.


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Comment Date: Mon March 13, 2017

Is this still for sale?

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