en /apps/classifieds Sat, 20 Oct 2018 15:29:06 -0500 PhotoPost Classifieds 3.1 60 Moonraker IV in very good conditon /apps/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=8735 Thu, 07 Dec 2017 14:09:25 -0600 <a href="/apps/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=8735" target="_blank"><img title="IMG_20170903_121158_Large_.jpg" border="0" src="/apps/classifieds/data/23/thumbs/IMG_20170903_121158_Large_.jpg" alt="IMG_20170903_121158_Large_.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: James_Bond_007<br /><br />Description: <p>all parts and switchbox is there ready to put up it has seen less than a year of outdoor time in dry climate. i am willing to ship but be aware you will be responsible for shipping and it will be expensive since the item is oversized and heavy.</p> <p>local pickup available in lakewood, co suburb of denver</p> /apps/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=8735 ICOM M-710 Marine Grade General Coverage multimode transceiver /apps/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=8734 Thu, 07 Dec 2017 13:59:23 -0600 <a href="/apps/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=8734" target="_blank"><img title="IMG_20171120_102449_Large_.jpg" border="0" src="/apps/classifieds/data/14/thumbs/IMG_20171120_102449_Large_.jpg" alt="IMG_20171120_102449_Large_.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: James_Bond_007<br /><br />Description: <p><span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica; font-size: x-small;">multimode transceiver 150 Watts PEP AM/LSB/USB/FSK/CW/AFS/R3E excellent condition see pic. asking $1200.00 great general coverage transceiver covers all of HF and MW tx/rx. from a non smoking environment.</span></p> /apps/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=8734